Clinic Accused Of Giving 6,000 COVID-19 Vaccines To Wrong People

The Chicago Department of Public Health announced Tuesday that it is cutting off a vaccine provider that was under contract with the Chicago Public Schools and then gave vaccine to non-CPS employees without authorization.

Video Transcript

- Breaking right now, Innovative Express Care accused of giving more than 6,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine meant from Chicago Public School employees to non-CPS employees. The Department of Public Health has taken back any vaccine that was left. If you have a first dose already scheduled, it will be canceled. Second doses will be rescheduled at Truman College.

- And they aren't the first accused of vaccine misdeeds. [INAUDIBLE] Hospital accused of giving shots to well-connected people. West Side State Rep LaShawn Ford so upset with the way the scandal was handled, he announced today he's resigning from the hospital's board.