Clinton to Veterans: 'It Takes a Little Getting Used to' That I'm a Woman

Clinton to Veterans: 'It Takes a Little Getting Used to' That I'm a Woman (ABC News)

Hillary Clinton spoke to a group of veterans on Monday saying she recognized it might take "a little getting used to" that she would be the first female commander-in-chief should she win the White House.

"I know this is the first time that one of our two major parties has ever nominated a woman," the presumptive Democratic nominee said at the Veterans of Foreign Wars annual convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. "And I know that it takes a little getting used to."

"But here’s what I want you to know," she continued. "I will get up every single day in the White House doing everything I possibly can to protect our country, to treat our men and women in uniform with the care and concern and respect they deserve, to make good on our nation’s promises to our veterans. That’s how I was raised, that’s what I have done and I promise you that’s what I will do."

During these remarks, Clinton -- who was greeted with a polite, but perhaps tepid, response from the crowd -- did not specifically mention her Republican opponent Donald Trump, but also didn't shy away from taking jabs at him.

Contrasting their foreign policy visions, Clinton said "one thing for certain you will not ever hear from me is praise for dictators and strongmen who have no love for America."

"You will never hear me say that I only listen to myself on national security," she added.

The former secretary of state also critiqued Trump for what she believes is his negative view of the country.

"I don't understand people who trash talk about America, who talk about us as being in decline, who act as though we are not yet the greatest country that has ever been created on the face of the Earth for all of history," she explained. "If you want somebody who will scapegoat other people, peddle fear and smear, I'm not your candidate."