A clip of James Charles saying he's 'not physically attracted to older guys' has resurfaced after he apologized amid a sexting scandal

James Charles
James Charles said he was being "reckless" when he interacted with fans on social media. Screenshot/YouTube
  • James Charles posted a video addressing allegations that he sexted or flirted with minors.

  • Clips from Charles' appearance on Logan Paul's podcast "Impaulsive" have been circulating online.

  • In one clip, he says that he's "not physically attracted to older guys."

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On Thursday, beauty guru James Charles posted a video on YouTube addressing allegations that he had flirted and sexted with minors that had surfaced on social media over the past month. Charles admitted to communicating with the boys, who said they were minors, but claimed they lied about their ages. In light of the video, titled "holding myself accountable," a clip of Charles saying that he's "not physically attracted to older guys" on Logan Paul's podcast "Impaulsive" resurfaced on social media.

Multiple boys who said that they were under the age of 18 said that Charles, who is 21, had solicited nude photos from them or sent them explicit messages or photos. Charles had addressed one of the accusers in the past and said that he lied about being 18 years old. The accuser told Insider that his TikTok bio stated that he was 16 years old.

In the YouTube video, Charles addressed the other allegations, saying that other accusers had lied to him about their ages and that he should have verified their claims. He said that he plans to ask for identification and proof of age from men in the future that he interacts with romantically or sexually. He also discussed a "power imbalance" between himself and fans, saying that he now understands that "talking to a celebrity is literally enough to make somebody do or say something they normally wouldn't."

"I do understand that with this videos coming to light it's really starting - not even starting - it's really looking, period, like I'm actively searching for younger people to be in a relationship with," Charles said about five minutes into the video. "I just want to say firsthand that that is absolutely not the case. My hope has always been to be in a relationship with somebody around my age or older that I can relate to and that can make me laugh."

On Twitter, a clip juxtaposing that moment and a clip of Charles on Logan Paul's podcast "Impaulsive" began to make the rounds, amassing over 40,000 views in less than three hours.

"James Charles blatantly lied in his new 'holding myself accountable' video," Twitter user @samanthakelli, who uploaded the clip, said in a tweet.

-Sam (@samanthakellii) April 1, 2021

In July 2020, Charles appeared on "Impaulsive" and discussed his search for a relationship during a portion of the podcast. Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein had previously discussed Charles' "Impaulsive" appearance on a March 2 episode of their podcast "Frenemies," as seen in the above clip posted to Twitter.

"I'm 21 but like I said, I have the mentality of a 40-year-old, so for me I'm much more mentally and emotionally mature than a lot of people my age," Charles said on the podcast. "I'm not physically attracted to older guys, which sucks. Like, I would date - the absolute youngest, 18, 19 that looks a little bit older or like, 24 that has a young personality."

Several days prior, another clip from Charles' "Impaulsive" appearance circulated on Twitter. Uploaded by one Twitter user and later reposted by Keemstar, the clip shows Charles speaking about people refusing to allow him to pay for a plane ticket to visit him in Los Angeles.

"We can't be together because you can't afford a plane ticket, you're probably still in either high school or college - a senior in high school, or in college - so either you accept the flight and realize that this is what I'm bringing to the relationship so we can spend time together if you actually care about me, or we literally never meet because you can't afford it," Charles said on the podcast.

Representatives for James Charles did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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