Clippers Fan Burns Paul George Jersey After Game 7 Loss to Denver

Los Angeles Clippers fans were brokenhearted after the team fell to the Denver Nuggets 104-89 in the NBA conference semifinals Tuesday, September 15, after initially leading the seven-game series 3-1.

Jordan Kelly shared this video on TikTok burning his Paul George jersey on Tuesday night after the Clippers’ second-round playoffs exit.

“Would you look at that?” Kelly said in the video. “It’s the first time Paul George has been on fire all night.”

George and teammate Kawhi Leonard were favorites to lead the Clippers to its first-ever championship victory, but combined a total zero points in the fourth quarter, disappointing fans.

Denver’s comeback was preceded by another 3-1 deficit against the Utah Jazz during the first round. The Nuggets are the first team in the history of the league to overcome consecutive 3-1 series deficits, according to reports. The Nuggets moved on to face the Los Angeles Lakers in the third round. Credit: Jordan Kelly via Storyful

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