Cloé Luv’s Workspace Is More Than Just Sharing Space, It’s Building a Community

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2020 / One of the latest trends in many companies is the sharing of office space. Realizing that renting out an entire office or building can be costly, coworking spaces were created to provide business owners with a cost-effective alternative. Entrepreneur Cloé Luv is among those people who have been providing spaces for the people of Brooklyn.

Cloé was born and raised in Brooklyn, New New York, surrounded mostly by females. As a female minority, life was filled with plenty of obstacles. Ever since childhood, she felt that the darkness of her skin defined her. Cloé graduated with an Associate's degree in Paralegal Studies from Berkeley College and an MPA and MBA from John Jay College and Full Sail University. Cloé earned her Bachelor's degree at St. John's University.

As a music lover, Cloé's first venture was the founding of Brook Brovaz Studio in Brooklyn, where she manages a team of music producers and composers whose works are used in popular television shows and films. Her company has already worked with some of the hottest up and coming multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning artists and even provided compositions to major companies in TV, Film, Ads, Video Games, and Mnemonics.

Cloé would later work in a field of social services where she helped communities. One day she met with a gentleman in his mid-seventies as she was working to determine his benefits. They were able to build a good rapport when he told her that she was pretty for a dark-skinned girl. Cloé's boss happened to walk by her workspace and shamed the man who apologized.

The old man, a person of color himself and was even darker than Cloé, explained that he meant no harm. He said that during his time, it was rare to see her kind of beauty paired with dark skin. Cloé realized that he, among others, was also a victim of colorism. Afterward, her boss called her into his office to apologize for the ignorance of people. That was the moment that Cloé began her journey to self-love.

Since then, Cloé has not only been working to help communities but empowering other women of color to become self-confident themselves. She is the founder of Women With Voices, a 501c3 non-profit organization that focuses on areas like mental health, sexual liberation, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and family.

She has also created an online community in conjunction with Women With Voices called We Uplift Women. It was created by LMSM Technologies, another company that Cloé owns, that acts as a social networking rostrum for women by women where they can come together to share ideas, business, blog, or interact with each other in the community. This platform is available on mobile and is equipped with audio and video chatting.

Cloé hopes to play a role in rewriting the history of women's empowerment and to teach men what it means to support women. Her organization's motto is ‘pro us' does not mean ‘anti him.' Women with Voices also has both men and women teaching courses and speaking at Cloé coworking and event space, Cloé's Corner.

She created Cloé's Corner in the heart of Brooklyn, only half a block from Barclay's Center. The coworking space functions as a community that serves women of all backgrounds and ethnicity, focusing mostly on women who are ethnically and financially disadvantaged. Although Cloé's Corner may sound like a females-only workspace, she emphasizes the importance of people coming from all backgrounds to work together and welcomes men as well.

To know more about Cloé, visit her website, or follow her on Instagram. You may also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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