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If you’re a Chick-fil-A connoisseur, you probably know the single biggest complaint patrons have about the inventor of the chicken sandwich: They're not open on Sundays.

You also might know the biggest knock by Chick-fil-A's critics: They are insufficiently enthusiastic for gay marriage.

So, in order to gain an edge in the chicken sandwich battle royale, Burger King’s Twitter account recently told customers that they would donate proceeds from "Ch'King" sandwiches in June to liberal gay and transgender causes — "even on Sundays."

Get it? The family-owned, Christian franchise is bad for embracing its Christian values. "We have no King but Burger King," to paraphrase John 19.

Burger King has a habit of knocking Chick-fil-A for following the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy. Following the release of rapper Kanye West’s song “Closed on Sunday,” Burger King tweeted out a simple statement: “open on Sunday."

But what if God had a point in handing that rule to Moses? What if, for instance, closing on Sundays is good for business?

Stopping Sunday shopping allows employees to be well rested and prepared for the week ahead, according to lead restaurant analyst Mark Kalinowski. The policy also creates a sense of urgency for chicken-craving customers, leading to increased sales during the week.

Most importantly, Sunday closures serve an important social purpose. Local communities can come together during family visits, sports games, and religious services. Chief Justice Earl Warren acknowledged the importance of Sunday closures in his opinion in McGowan v. Maryland, a case disputing Maryland’s Sunday laws.

Warren wrote that “the State seeks to set one day apart from all others as a day of rest, repose, recreation and tranquility ... a day on which there exists relative quiet and disassociation from the everyday intensity of commercial activities.”

Don’t get me wrong. Capitalism is great, arguably one of the greatest vehicles of wealth creation in human history. Indeed, it is the economic system that makes the chicken sandwich possible.

But consumerism is another thing. Instead of clinging to the perpetual nine-to-five grind, we should rest, reflect, and reconnect with our loved ones.

And if you get a Sunday afternoon craving for crunchy chicken strips or nuggets, there’s no need to panic. Chick-fil-A offers a selection of chilled chicken nuggets, strips, and special sauces that you can always buy on Saturdays, if you don't hate the old-fashioned idea of planning ahead.

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