Clothing donations piled up outside van for 3 years in Brooklyn

There were piles of donated clothing stacked outside the donation vans and they were left parked on residential streets for three years.

Video Transcript

- Clothing donation vans that are parked in Brooklyn have some residents fuming. One person dubbed them, "decrepit dumpsters on wheels." Stacks of donations piled up outside the vans which were parked on residential streets for three years. When the city and the owner of the vans didn't act, it was time for Nina Pineda and "7 On Your Side" to go to work.

NINA PINEDA: Sir, we need you to move this van. It's creating problems for the resident. There's garbage everywhere.

Within three seconds, we understood why it's been a three-year battle for Brooklyn families to get beat-up donation vans off their blocks.

Hello? He hung up on me.

CLAUDIE SETTON: I just don't want to have filth all over my property.

NINA PINEDA: Claudie Setton says this Chesed Center van hasn't moved from her corner since 2018.

CLAUDIE SETTON: Sometimes I find underwears. I find socks. I find clothing all in here because they'll take the stuff here, rummage through it, discard what they don't want.

EDDIE SHABOT: Broken glass, broken bottles, dirty stuff.

NINA PINEDA: It's so bad, he can't even let his twin daughters play in their own yard.

EDDIE SHABOT: I'm walking by with the babies and, I mean, they're throwing stuff around. It's not a garbage dump. We live in a nice area and the streets should be kept clean.

CLAUDIE SETTON: I wrote them emails. I've texted. I've called.

NINA PINEDA: Nothing moved even after complaining to the city three times that her street can't get cleaned. So she raised an alarm to "7 On Your Side."

CLAUDIE SETTON: I'm really desperate. I'm hoping that you can help.

NINA PINEDA: We canvassed the neighborhood, finding a number of Chesed vans. Some illegally parked with thousands in unpaid violations and expired registrations.

Hey, it's Nina Pineda from "7 On Your Side."

CLAUDIE SETTON: I can't believe it.

NINA PINEDA: After alerting a rep from the center we were going to take action, the van was first moved a few feet.

CLAUDIE SETTON: This is insane.

NINA PINEDA: Then finally hauled away. And within days, the NYPD towed and impounded five other illegally parked vans.

CLAUDIE SETTON: I was totally shocked. Couldn't believe it. What you did in two weeks, I couldn't do in three years. I really appreciate every single thing that you did. My street looks beautiful now. There's no garbage anywhere. Thank you so, so much. Really, thank you.

NINA PINEDA: The Chesed Center is not registered on the New York state charities website, but there are plenty of nonprofits that want and really need your donations. We put a link to Charity Navigator, and other ways to check them out before you donate, on our website ABC7NY.