Some clouds and scattered sprinkles

How’s the weather looking for your Saturday? Get the latest Maine’s Total Weather video forecast from Meteorologist Jacqueline Thomas.

Video Transcript

JACQUELINE THOMAS: Thanks for watching. I'm meteorologist Jacqueline Thomas. Heading through the day today we did see some breaks of sunshine, but as we head into Sunday I think it'll be even just a little bit brighter tomorrow.

Overnight lows, not going to be too bad. We drop back down into the 30s across the area, staying mainly above freezing. And then as we head into Sunday it's actually going to be a little bit warmer as we head through the second half of our weekend.

So improving conditions as that system continues to move away. Tomorrow through the day we do stay mostly cloudy, but again, I expect a few sunny breaks, at least some brightening in the sky. The wind not going to be too bad, about 5 to 10 miles per hour during the day.

And look at these temperatures. We climb through the 40s, we actually get into the 50s, and I think inland spots even warmer. So high temperatures going to be better, a little bit more seasonable for this time of year, especially compared to that cold winter blast that we had on Friday.

Hour by hour taking us through these next several hours here into the day Sunday, we are going to see mainly cloudy skies overnight. Any of those showers and sprinkles that we're seeing this evening will continue to diminish and wind down, too. So I think tomorrow will be a mainly dry day, but still can't rule out that isolated shower chance. And then as we head into Monday I think we do get into a little bit more sunshine.

In the 8-day forecast, taking us through these next few days, we're going to see temperatures continue to warm up a bit, so well into the 50s Monday. We could be looking at some 60s in spots by Tuesday. Our next best chance for rain holds off until Wednesday.