Clowning around encouraged at this barber shop in OC

Richard Louis Esposito is one of a kind - he's a clown master barber, delighting customers at a Huntington Beach salon. In 2013, "Ripley's Believe or Not" recognized Richie as the only tattoo modified clown in the world.

Video Transcript


- Finding ways to have fun has been key for people to stay sane during this pandemic. And a Huntington Beach barber is doing exactly that.

- He's not only a master with the scissors, he's a world-class clown. Eyewitness News reporter Rachel Brown introduces us to him in today's SoCal Strong.

RACHEL BROWN: The circus isn't in town. This charismatic clown is a one-man show.


RACHEL BROWN: And to see him perform is as simple as getting a haircut.

RICHARD LOUIS ESPOSITO: I always wanted to go all out and just really express myself all the way.

RACHEL BROWN: Richie Louis Esposito is a clown master barber, cutting hair and confetti bombing customers at the OC Barber's Parlor in Huntington Beach. He started clowning around when he was just a kid. And almost 10 years ago, Richie committed to becoming a real life clown, using tattoos to transform his face and body. He believes life should be a lot less serious and humor is everything.

RICHARD LOUIS ESPOSITO: Maybe they're having a bad day. And they look over, and they see a clown. They're like, oh, that's pretty cool, you know? I'd rather make people laugh than be so serious about life.

RACHEL BROWN: Anna-Marie O'Rourke and her son, Hudson, have been following Richie the clown for years on Instagram. They made a two and 1/2 hour drive from Bakersfield to experience the clown cut.

- My mom was dying of laughter.

ANNA-MARIE O'ROURKE: It's a good few minutes of some pure entertainment.

RACHEL BROWN: The experience attracts people from all over. Richie the clown and his girlfriend, whose booth is beside his, say it's certainly good for business.

- It's funny. It, like you said, brightens up their day.

ANNA-MARIE O'ROURKE: We'll be coming back.

RACHEL BROWN: In 2013, Ripley's Believe It or Not recognized Richie as the only tattoo modified clown in the world. He hopes to keep it that way. So if you see him drive through your neighborhood, it's no joke. The clown is in town.

RICHARD LOUIS ESPOSITO: We got a let everybody know. A clown's in town. What's up?