Jan. 25—Linger Awhile Extension Homemakers

Six members of the Linger Awhile Extension Homemakers met at 9:30 am. on January 18 at the Senior Center for their regular monthly meeting with Diann Reisman presiding. Following the Creed and Pledge to the Flag, Theresa Ripperger gave the Thought of the Month with the message of the importance of being of service to someone in need. Patsy Harmeyer gave the history and meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Members answered roll call by telling if they are working on any special crafts or projects during these cold winter months. Secretary Paulette Duerstock read the minutes from November and December; Irene Tebbe gave the Treasurer's report.

Happy Birthday was sung for Rosemary Schroeder who celebrated her 101st birthday on January 1. Everyone joined in singing the Song of the Month "Sleigh Ride."

For the Health and Safety lesson, Theresa Ripperger read an article titled "Test your Bone IQ." Do you know which bone is the strongest bone in your body? The femur. What bone gets fractured the most often? The clavicle. How many bones are in your head? 22 bones in your skull work together to protect your brain and to support the muscles and structures of your face. We also learned what's the smallest bone in our body, what part of your body is the boniest, how many bones are in your body, and why are my bones making all these noises.

For Cultural Arts Patsy brought in a book which detailed many of the events in the life of Pope John Paul II.

Diann won the 50/50.

For refreshments Paulette served homemade cherry pie and apple juice.

The meeting concluded with singing the Homemakers Prayer.

Our next meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. February 15 at the Senior Center.

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