S Club issue tour update following Paul Cattermole's death

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S Club share tour update following Paul's deathGareth Cattermole - Getty Images

S Club have issued an update on their 25th-anniversary tour following the death of bandmate Paul Cattermole last month.

The group's full lineup had been scheduled to tour across the UK and Ireland this October. However, the news of Paul's passing on April 6 had left potential questions over the future over the future of the reunion.

In a video posted to their Instagram account, it's been confirmed that Bradley McIntosh, Jo O'Meara, Jon Lee, Rachel Stevens and Tina Barrett will be touring as five-piece S Club. Hannah Spearritt will not be performing at the upcoming shows.

"You’ve probably noticed that there's only five of us here today, and although Hannah will always be part of S Club 7, she won’t be joining us on this tour," Jon explained in the video.

"We wish her all the best for the future."

As fans will remember, Hannah and Paul were in a relationship, which started when they were in the band, between 2001 and 2006. They briefly rekindled their relationship for a few months in 2015.

They first became friends almost 30 years ago, prior to S Club, when they were National Youth Music Theatre members.

Speaking recently to The Sun, Hannah shared that Paul "was looking forward to the tour the most out of all of us" and described him as her "first true love".

S Club's members also paid emotional tributes to their late bandmate in the video.

"We have been in a bit of shock and it has taken a while for us to find the right words to describe how we feel about losing our brother Paul," said Jon.

Bradley continued: "All still in so much disbelief, Paul was a big brother to us, all of us and you guys out there. He truly was a unique specimen of a human being. No-one could replace our Paul, he lives on inside in each and every one of us."

paul cattermole, photographed in 2023 to mark the announcement of s club 7's reunion tour
Dave J Hogan - Getty Images

"Whenever Paul would walk into the room you definitely knew that he was there because he would just light it up with humour and love, just a really special person," said a visibly tearful Jo.

The group also revealed that the tour had now been renamed as the 'Good Times' tour in Paul's memory.

"We are calling the tour the 'Good Times' tour in tribute to Paul because that was that was his song and all the fans know it was his song, so it just feels right," Tina explained.

"He's always going to be with us and such a huge part of this tour," added Rachel.

"We're going to keep his memory alive and share it with all of you."

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