The cluelessness of the correspondents' dinner

Matt Bai
National Political Columnist
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    Sandpiper Va Bch
    -So how much money in scholarships was awarded by this group??
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    I would just like to see truth in journalism instead of just opinions. You know, "just the facts, jack". I remember when that was normal.
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    These R Not Toys
    CNN was behind TNT, Nickelodeon and Home & Garden in ratings for April.
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    Pelosi - “I really don’t know what I’m doing here!”
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    I'm expecting Wolf to be left off the guest roster next year.
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    When the media stops presenting there agenda, and ideas, and start reporting factual news I'll pay attention. I can not believe anything I read or view today, coming out of Washington DC.
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    The pull quote demonstrates Bai's understanding of the media's enabling Trump's presidency, and the subsequent paragraph is his contribution to Trump's reelection campaign.
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    Matt Bai wasn't invited.
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    North Korea to release 3 American prisoners. Thanks President Trump!
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    Comrade AR-
    Matt Bai... end of article.