Clyburn to Trump: 'The campaign is over'

The highest-ranking Black member of Congress is urging President Donald Trump to stop challenging the results of the 2020 general election and start finding ways to work with the incoming administration. (Nov. 9)

Video Transcript

JAMES CLYBURN: I would hope that my conservative friends in the Congress will have an intervention or something with this president. This country is bigger than one person, and to allow the people of this country to suffer. And it seems to me, my conservative Republican friends need to intervene with this president and tell him it is time to stop the campaigning. The campaign is over.

We should not be sacrificing this country's safety and security, nor the health and welfare of its people. And that's what this president is doing. And for the Senate or the House to be complicit in this, I just never expected to see that in this country.

I do remember some time ago that there is some talk about the president firing Esper. I never kept up with all those reasons were. I think Esper is just someone who's got a brain, and he uses it in a very positive way. And this president seemed not to like people who are independent thinkers or who use their brain-- as my dad would say, their heads for more than just a hat rack.