CMS to allow more fans at athletic events but not as many as the state would allow

Langston Wertz Jr.
·1 min read

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will allow more fans at high school events beginning March 1, but not as many as allowed by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper.

Cooper is signing an executive order that, beginning Friday, will allow all indoor facilities that hold 5,000 or more people to host 15% of capacity, as long as other health-and-safety guidelines are followed. Indoor venues that hold under 5,000 may only allow 250 people.

Many outdoor sports venues will now be allowed to hold 30% of capacity with no 100-person limit. Specific capacity limits may depend on the size of the venue and will be in place through March 26.

At Myers Park High, for example, 30% capacity would be 1,500 fans, athletic director Brian Poore said. All schools in CMS are not the same size, so strictly using a percentage would allow some schools to have more fans than others.

CMS said it will allow 500 spectators at outdoor athletic events beginning March 1, after the first week of high school football, which begins Thursday and Friday. The district said the home team will be allowed 300 spectators and the visiting team 200 spectators.

CMS athletic directors will communicate information to families on digital tickets and availability. Face coverings are required on CMS property at all times and social-distancing regulations remain in effect.

CMS will remain at the current limit of 100 spectators at outdoor athletic events through the end of this week.

The district said the North Carolina High School Athletic Association would send participating schools final details for basketball playoff games scheduled on Saturday, Feb. 27 regarding fan attendance under Cooper’s new order. Currently, 25 fans are allowed indoors.