CNC Intelligence Revolutionizes the Concept of Retrieving Lost Assets

Fast emerging as the most user-friendly, convenient and fastest mode of transactions, the digital assets are gaining massive popularity across the world but it is not an unmixed blessing as these online financial assets are often stolen or lost due to fraudulent practices.

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To solve this major problem, the CNC Intelligence Inc has stepped in with its state-of-the-art Information Technology-enabled system to recover lost financial assets and be the viable platform to stop the global cybercrime.

Though the law enforcing agencies globally are trying to bust cybercrime syndicates to stop pilferage of financial frauds taking place online, the weak legal system and lack of inter-country cooperation often foil their bids.

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Here, CNC Intelligence Inc comes as a savior of investors who invest heavily in the digital domain with its latest technological backups to protect the digital asset of the investors by speedy recovery of their lost and stolen wealth. The success rate of spotting out cyber criminals and recovery rate of lost funds is very high in the case of CNC Intelligence.

Commenting on functions of the company in protecting theft of digital assets, Seth A. Gordon of CNC Intelligence Inc said this anti-cybercrime company has developed a unique digital asset tracing company under which the lost funds of the investors can be traced and bring the perpetrator to justice.

With its law enforcement grade, ultra-sophisticated technology the company traces the point of theft and the recovery from cyber- fraudsters. The technological expertise and experience in nabbing cyber frauds further sharpens the steps to find out the cyber criminals who steal digital wealth.

Seth A. Gordon, a former intelligence analyst with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is a subject matter expert (SME), in tracing and recovering lost assets. From initiation to completion, he has successfully coordinated numerous cyber fraud cases.

According to Gordon, “The necessity of CNC Intelligence Inc. comes to the forefront as law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), along with international organizations such as Interpol and Europol have seen a massive and exponential increase in cyber-related crime, and do not have the resources to investigate the majority of the incidents reported.” While many of these crimes either go unreported or lacking the investigations necessary to resolve the caseload by traditional law enforcement, CNC Intelligence Inc.acts in partnership with law enforcement, to mitigate the lack of optimism for resolution and increasing the ability to resolve digital fraud victimization, happening on a massive scale across the globe.

The CNC Intelligence Inc. optimally leverages the legal powers to provide digital asset recovery solutions in the quickest possible time. It does so by adopting different technological steps like spotting out the thief and working with law enforcement agencies and law firms to obtain disclosure orders to carry out further investigations.

Subsequently, the CNC Intelligence Inc. works with law firms specializing in cryptocurrency fraud that can hold and retain the stolen assets through freezing injunctions. The success of CNC Intelligence Inc. arises from its ability to find theft points, trace movement of the stolen assets and coins, and exactly identify the wallets and their users or operators.

Under its unique modus operandi, the CNC Intelligence Inc directly deals with the victim of digital asset theft. It uses different ultra-sophisticated gadgets and scientific equipment like open-source information, blockchain analytics, financial data and dark-web research for this very purpose.

After assessing the case, the CNC Intelligence Inc coordinates with law enforcement agencies and law firms to initiate criminal and civil legal actions to lead to the recovery of digital assets. This is a great service that is giving hope to the thousands of people investing in digital assets.

Since the growth in online transactions is rising very fast, the theft of various coins and financial wealth in digital and decentralized form is also going up accordingly. Hence, the necessity of involvement of forensic specialists with expertise on the level of CNC Intelligence Inc in settling such frauds also comes in automatically.

The most effective way to retrieve your lost asset is to resort to the CNC Intelligence Inc for further help.