CNN Anchor Shreds GOP Congressman’s Claim of ‘Preponderance of Evidence’ of Voter Fraud


Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) on Monday was repeatedly confronted by CNN anchor Jim Sciutto to prove his outlandish boasts that he possesses a “preponderance of evidence” that multiple states committed election fraud.

Higgins, who says he will join House and Senate Republicans in objecting to Congress’ certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory, claimed he was challenging the legitimacy of the election results because it’s his “solemn duty” and the “role the Founders gave the House of Representatives.”

The CNN host, meanwhile, noted that Higgins said in his statement announcing that he’d object that there is a “reasonable suspicion of election fraud,” pointing out that the Justice Department has found no evidence of widespread fraud.

“What evidence do you have that the Justice Department does not?” Sciutto asked.

“We have a preponderance of evidence that election crimes may have been committed in six of the sovereign states,” the conservative lawmaker insisted.

Sciutto immediately shot back, asking Higgins to “give me one example, prompting the Trump-boosting congressman to bring up changes in Georgia election law regarding signature requirements.

“That’s not true,” Sciutto countered. “The Georgia election official rejected that very—he rejected it point by point yesterday. I’m asking what evidence you have to contradict the state Republican election official there as you’re claiming right now? What evidence do you have?”

Higgins again claimed to have a “preponderance of evidence that crimes may have been committed,” causing Sciutto to keep pressing him to provide a legitimate example.

“I cited several. You’re being rather combative. I believe you invited me on your show,” the congressman complained.

“If someone makes a false claim on my show I will contradict it,” Sciutto fired back.

The two would continue to go back and forth, with Higgins accusing Sciutto of “just repeating your talking points” as the CNN anchor continued to note that courts and state election officials have rejected Republicans’ alleged evidence of systemic voter fraud.

At one point, Higgins baselessly claimed that Georgia was “maybe a couple hundred thousand votes off,” leading Sciutto to finally pull out of their trainwreck interview.

“There’s no evidence of that,” he said. “It’s been rejected by multiple Republican state officials. Let the record show I gave you multiple chances to present evidence of the fraud, if you have it, please share it. We’d welcome you back.”

“I have given you multiple examples. And let the evidence show I have,” Higgins grumbled.

“Listen, they’ve been rejected in courts, rejected by Republican state officials. Congressman Clay Higgins, thank you for joining the program this morning,” Sciutto concluded.

“Roger that,” Higgins tersely responded.

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