Don Lemon And Chris Cuomo Shred Tucker Carlson Over Racist Rhetoric

CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo jointly blasted Fox News counterpart Tucker Carlson over his racist rhetoric about immigration on Tuesday night.

Multiple companies have pulled their ads from the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show following Carlson’s claim last week that immigration makes the U.S. “poorer and dirtier.”

“Is he really talking about human beings that way?” Cuomo asked. “I don’t ordinarily play hateful speech on the show, but it’s important for people to see what someone’s trying to pass off as news.”

Lemon described Fox as “the CNN, MSNBC criticism channel” that “almost always” leads with something “we’re doing that they hate, and they hate because we’re actually talking about real news and the Mueller investigation and what’s actually going on.”

He didn’t usually criticize anchors on rival networks, Lemon said, because mistakes can happen on live TV and he could easily make one. Carlson was a different case, however, because “for the most part” he used his platform to “demonize immigrants,” “spread misinformation” and “cover Trump’s back” on a “nightly basis.”

“We gotta call it out,” Cuomo agreed.

Check out the clip here:

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