CNN’s Tapper: It would be ‘clever’ for Biden to invite Trump to queen’s funeral

CNN’s Jake Tapper suggested on his show “The Lead” Friday that it would be “clever” for President Biden to invite former President Trump to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Biden said Friday that he would attend the queen’s funeral after Buckingham Palace announced her passing Thursday. Elizabeth was 96 at the time of her death. She is the longest-reigning monarch in Britain’s history and has been succeeded by her son, King Charles III.

Tapper noted during a panel discussion on his show that the United Kingdom is allowing each country to decide who to bring to the queen’s funeral.

“I mean, the U.K. has made it very clear, that’s up to the president. He’s invited. He can bring whatever delegation. So obviously, Obama, you know, Carter, Bush, no-brainers. What about Trump? Will he invite Trump?” Tapper said.

All living former presidents released statements of condolences within hours of the announcement of her passing.

“I think that the clever move is to invite him and see if he goes,” Tapper said. “I don’t think former President Trump would want to be subordinate on Air Force One, and I think probably he prefers his own plane anyway.”

Trump released his own statement on Thursday regarding the queen’s passing, saying he’ll “never forget Her Majesty’s generous friendship, great wisdom, and wonderful sense of humor. What a grand and beautiful lady she was—there was nobody like her!”

Inviting Trump would not be an unprecedented move, as previous presidents have invited former presidents to funerals of world leaders during their time in office.

In 2013, then-President Obama invited former President George W. Bush to Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

The discussion from Tapper comes after Biden has intensified his attacks on Trump, describing his predecessor as a threat to democracy. Trump has responded, calling Biden “an enemy of the state.”

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