After Co-Sleeping Blamed For Deaths Of 2 Infants, Irving Police Share Safety Guidelines

Irving police are warning parents and caretakers about the dangers of co-sleeping after two infants died in two separate incidents last week.

Video Transcript

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Two tragedies involving babies in Irving have police warning new parents about the risk of co-sleeping. The department says both infants died after their parents fell asleep with them. In one case, the baby got stuck between the couch cushions. In the other, the baby was in the parent's bed and rolled between the mattress and the wall.

Earlier, I did speak with a pediatrician today who says parents often choose co-sleeping because they feel there is no other option.

MANSI LALWANI: And I think lack of access to help, or you know, other family members, other caregivers where you can say, I'm really tired and I think I want to catch a nap, so do you mind observing the baby, or making sure you're monitoring the baby closely while I'm asleep? That I think can contribute to this.

- So a couple of tips here to share with you from Dr. Lalwani. She says you should always put babies on their backs to sleep, in their own beds, something like a crib or a bassinet. Only use fitted sheets, no blankets or anything soft around, that way if the baby does turn over, there is nothing to suffocate the baby.