Coal-Fired Power Plant In Cheswick To Close In September

The coal-fired power plant in Cheswick is closing this September following more than 50 years of operation. KDKA's Paul Martino has more.

Video Transcript

- The last coal-fired power plant in Allegheny County will be retired at the end of this summer. The Cheswick Generating Station in Springdale will be taken offline. It's been producing power in the Allegheny Valley for the last 51 years.

- But in recent years it's been generating almost as much controversy over air and water pollution. Paul Martino find out why the power plant has finally reached the end. He's live this afternoon with the story. Paul. Kym, the owner of this plant, Houston-based GenOn, says it can no longer compete financially, especially with demands for new environmental regulations. The towering plant in Cheswick has often been cited as one of the top 10 air-polluters in Allegheny County. They've faced several lawsuits, including for allegations they dumped hot water in the Allegheny River and turned off their air pollution controls. The Sierra Club is one of the parties that sued.

TOM SCHUSTER: This announcement is going to benefit everyone in the region who breathes the air, especially people with respiratory problems. And it was a major reason why the county and region have struggled to meet federal air quality standards over the years.

PAUL MARTINO: This plant closure will mean the loss of about 50 jobs. It is one of several coal-burning plants across the country that are ceasing operation. Reporting live from Cheswick, Paul Martino, KDKA News.

- Thank you, Paul.