Coast Guard Releases Turtles Into Gulf of Mexico Following Winter Storm

The US Coast Guard teamed up with local wildlife and aquarium personnel to release some 146 sea turtles into the Gulf of Mexico on February 22.

Local animals were severely impacted by extreme cold weather throughout Texas last week. Turtles, stunned by frigid waters, were among the wildlife targeted for rescue.

This video, recorded by the Coast Guard, shows several turtles being lowered into warmer patches of the Gulf of Mexico near Corpus Christi. The Coast Guard said it conducted the release along with Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens and staff from the Texas State Aquarium. Credit: US Coast Guard via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Yeah.

- All right. These ones we probably have to take two people for.

- Yeah.

- So I'd say we probably will walk them over to the side right there.

- Oh yeah.

- Now I want you to walk down. [INAUDIBLE]

- We don't want anyone going over the [INAUDIBLE]

- I know.

- All right.

- Yeah?

- Yep.

- Go ahead.

- See ya.

- See ya.

- Whew!

- There he goes. That was feisty.

- He looks like a dolphin.

- Whew.