Coast Guard Rescues Two People and Three Cats Stranded in Florida

A Miami Coast Guard aircrew rescued two people and three cats who were stranded in Sanibel, Florida, in the wake of Hurricane Ian on September 29.

Video from an MH-65 Dolphin shows the aircrew rescues.

By the afternoon of September 29, more than 700 individuals had been rescued in Charlotte and Lee counties, Florida Gov Ron DeSantis said.

US President Joe Biden issued a major disaster declaration for Florida and warned Ian could turn out to be the deadliest hurricane in state history. Credit: DVIDS via Storyful

Video Transcript

- How many of there are you?

- Me and my wife.

- That's OK. Is there any more in the back or something? OK. What's your name?

- Tyler.

- Tyler, I'm going to get you out of here, all right? How about your neighbors? Do you know of any injuries or anything?

- Well, there are old people.

- OK. I'll go talk to them.

- I'll get the cats ready.

- Yeah. Get your cats ready. Get a bag ready with your wallet, phone, change of clothes, ID.

- I'm a Marine, brother. I'm ready.

- All right. We're going to get you up out of here, all right?

- Except I wasn't ready for this.

- Hey, I'm going to go check on your neighbors, all right? It's going to be about 5 minutes. I'll be back.

- Ricky and Walt.

- Ricky and Walt? All right. Thank you. If you guys can make it out the window, you can come this way.

- We'll do that.

- Whatever's easier for you all, but make sure you have a bag with a dry pair of clothes with ID, cell phones, wallets. All right? We're going to get-- there's a whole bunch of people just like y'all, thousands of them. Take you to a shelter. You'll be all right. You'll have food and water and everything.

- They're not going to go, are they?

- No. Everybody else is staying, they don't want to go. So we're going to go keep on moving. Going to be loud and you're going to get a little cold from the water, but we're taking you right to your shelter, all right? We're about 10 minutes from the shelter.