Coast Guard searches for missing crew members

U.S. Coast Guard crews are monitoring the possibly of more storms along the gulf coast as the search for crew members missing from a capsized vessel off the coast of Louisiana.

Video Transcript

BILL WADELL: Coast Guard cameras show waves slamming into the side of Seacor Power. The 129-foot commercial vessel capsized eight miles off the coast of Port Fourchon Tuesday afternoon when powerful storms ripped across the Gulf.

WILL WATSON: At the time of the incident, on scene weather conditions were challenging. 80 or 90 miles per hour were the winds, 7 to 9 foot seas. The vessel itself remains overturned on the starboard side, partially submerged and grounded in approximately 55 feet of water.

GUY PEARSON: You're out on the open water, you're moving relatively slowly, and there's nowhere to go.

BILL WADELL: AccuWeather meteorologist Guy Pearson says the storms were dangerous for anyone out on the open water.

GUY PEARSON: In a situation like this where the wind is shifting and shifting directions quickly, there is not a lot of maneuvering that you can particularly do, especially with large vessels like this. You can't turn on a dime.

BILL WADELL: As crews and helicopters searched from above, power crews in Grand Isle work to fix utility poles blown over by the wind. Streets were still underwater as families and co-workers wait for answers.

WILL WATSON: The collective heart of our team goes out to the families and to Seacor. But we're giving it all we have.

BILL WADELL: Those search crews have been dealing with rough waters out on the Gulf. And they're keeping a close eye on the radar with more rain and wind in the forecast.

In Grand Isle, Louisiana, for AccuWeather, I'm Bill Wadell.