Cobb County Sheriff's Office holds last 2021 swearing in ceremony

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Dec. 21—The Cobb County Sheriff's Office held the last swearing in ceremony of 2021 on Dec. 20.

Eight deputies were sworn in by Sheriff Craig Owens after successfully completing basic law enforcement mandate. A ninth deputy was to be sworn in but was absent due to an illness. Three of the new deputies are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The basic mandate consists of 10 weeks of training. During that period, deputies are tested over various topics such as criminal law procedures, first aid and report writing. The students must pass a week of defensive tactics instructions by demonstrating what they have learned. Students are also required to achieve passing scores on the firing range and emergency vehicle driving courses.

This year, the Sheriff's Office has graduated 37 deputies from basic law enforcement mandate. Forty-seven personnel have graduated from basic jailer school.

In 2021, the Cobb County Sheriff Office Recruiting Unit hired 98 deputies, while other agencies struggled to find qualified candidates. The Recruiting Unit was recently recognized by the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce for their outstanding work this year.

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