Cobb Realtor turned filmmaker explains the solutions to the single-use plastic crisis

Jan. 25—More than 11 million new tons of plastic pollute the oceans every year.

Local Cobb County REALTOR Janice Overbeck wanted to know what is being done to combat one of the world's most critical environmental issues, so she co-wrote, co-directed and produced the new documentary, "Plastic Earth," hosted by actor/comedian Rob Riggle.

Overbeck personally investigated how new inventions and technologies are working to stop plastic debris from overwhelming the planet, killing wildlife and contributing to climate change.

"I am a concerned mother of four daughters," Overbeck said. "After dozens of interviews with scientists, engineers, researchers and innovators, I am more optimistic about the world's efforts to solve this problem."

The film will be available on iTunes on Feb. 7.

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