Cobb salon owner offers rented studio spaces for freelance cosmetologists

Jan. 13—MARIETTA — A Cobb salon owner has created an innovative business concept that provides resources and financial independence for freelance cosmetologists.

Rooted Salon & Suites is a hybrid salon model located in the heart of east Cobb at Paper Mill Village. The 3,100-square-foot-building has two business concepts operating under the same roof — one side of the store is home to the owner's hair salon, while the other side has seven studio spaces that function as business suites for cosmetologists.

Cassidy Ward, the owner and founder of Rooted, said her business serves as a collaborative space that offers beauty professionals independence and ease.

Ward said this concept allows for independent stylists to be their own boss without the headache of owning an entire shop. For those interested, the owner said she currently has five suites up for grabs.

Rooted began in 2017 as a small, 80-square-foot studio after Ward left a previous salon to start her own. At the time, Ward said there was a noticeable shift in the beauty community— cosmetologists were leaving their conventional salon jobs to pursue freelance work.

"I started noticing that people were leaving the traditional salon setting to do studios," she said. "They wanted more freedom, but once they got their own studio, they didn't like all the responsibility.

"So I was trying to find something that would marry freedom while alleviating the responsibility and keeping the camaraderie, but also allowing people to still have the privacy to do business as they please."

Ward said beauty professionals are still migrating to independent work primarily because of the lack of vertical movement in a traditional salon setting.

"Our industry is way behind as far as being an elevated business model," she said. "We don't have any vertical movement like the traditional corporate structure. And I think that's the case with a lot of creative industries."

From makeup artists and nail techs to aestheticians and massage therapists, the owner said she invites anyone in the cosmetology industry to rent a suite at Rooted.

"I'm so excited to launch my career with Rooted," said Grace Balogh, a hairstylist at Rooted. "We love our new location in the Paper Mill Village."

Aside from the studio spaces available for rent, Ward said she's also eager to hire new hairstylists and assistants to join the Rooted salon team.

"Opening this salon has been one of the most exciting journeys," Ward said. "We are actively searching for new and seasoned stylists to join our beauty community. Our space is so bright and uplifting. We look forward to seeing it grow."

Ward said rent for Rooted suites ranges from $480 to $676 per week and is based on the size of the studio space.

Rooted Salon & Studios is at 255 Village Parkway NE Suite 580 in Marietta. To rent a suite or for other business inquiries, visit or call 404-910-3729.