Cobb schools employee accused of having alcoholic drink in classroom

Mar. 10—An employee at a Cobb elementary school allegedly had an alcoholic beverage in a classroom last week, according to a warrant for her arrest.

Jean Warnken is accused of having a reusable plastic cup with a straw and lid that contained alcohol in a Davis Elementary classroom on March 3, the warrant said.

Warnken, who was named the school's employee of the year in 2020, no longer works for the district, spokesperson Nan Kiel said.

"Although this person no longer works for the District, Cobb Schools police and local administration are working with a police investigation into a paraprofessional," Kiel said. "We expect all employees to support students as professionals and uphold District policy."

Warnken is charged with alcohol possession on public school grounds, a misdemeanor. Her bond is $1,500.

Witnesses to the alleged crime include the school's principal and a teacher.