Coco Gauff Wore An Under $100 Windbreaker, Now I Need One Too

Bianca Nieves

For Cori 'Coco' Guaff, taking a science test at 11 p.m to later win your first Grand Slam debut against no other than Venus Williams, is just her typical teenage life. The American tennis prodigy has been making waves way before her record-setting wins. But since then, it's been hard to catch up! She has met her idol, Michelle Obama, won her first WTA doubles title alongside Caty McNally and rocked slaying looks on and off the court. A significant difference to our teenage years gawking over the Jonas Brothers and winning spelling bees. Plus, she also has in her hefty resumé, a New Balance ambassador. And now? Teen Vogue cover star!

The fifteen-year-old spoke to us about how she loves winning more than losing and she doesn’t like to read too much into the labels that have been placed on her, whilst she rocked some key transitional pieces I didn't know I needed. I'm talking about windbreakers. As fall creeps around the corner, it's time to bring back our jackets. Sure, our denim and bomber jackets are the first ones to make an appearance, but now windbreakers should join that mix, as well. Not only will they complement the current sporty aesthetic of your athletic shorts and white tank combos but it will definitely help up fend off that sneaky breeze that appears as the suns starts to set a bit earlier.

Of course, our cover star sports her New Balance swag as effortlessly as a New Balance ambassador would. But you could rock it, too. And the best part? It's under $100. However, if you want more windbreaker options that also check off the stylish, neon, and color blocking boxes, keep scrolling down because we rounded some other $100 options, too. Sure, they won't make us tennis superstars once we buy them, but we can dream, and look cute while we do, too.

Originally Appeared on Teen Vogue