Colbert Presents Evidence That Trump Is Still 'Unfit to Be President' After 'Anticlimactic' Mueller Report — Watch

Rebecca Iannucci
Colbert Presents Evidence That Trump Is Still 'Unfit to Be President' After 'Anticlimactic' Mueller Report — Watch

Stephen Colbert took a cue from Shania Twain on Monday night, refusing to be impressed much by the news that President Trump did not collude with Russia in 2016.

In case you missed the news: Special counsel Robert Mueller recently completed his investigation into whether Trump worked with Russia during the presidential election. According to a summary of the report from Attorney General William Barr, Mueller found no evidence of collusion, though the question of whether Trump obstructed justice at any point remains unanswered.

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On Monday’s Late Show broadcast, Colbert bemoaned the “anticlimactic” results of Mueller’s investigation, calling his report “worse than the finale of Lost.”

Colbert went on to assert that, although Trump may not have colluded with Russia, there is still ample evidence to suggest he isn’t a suitable president. He even offered Trump a faux-apology in the wake of Mueller’s findings, looking solemnly into the camera and declaring, “Mr. President, if you’re watching — and I know you are — I’m sorry… that you’re a terrible president.”

The host then brought out a large whiteboard full of reasons why Trump is “unfit” to be president — ranging from deeply serious (“Puts kids in cages”) to silly (“Can’t close umbrella”) — and willingly erased Trump’s potential collusion with Russia from the list. (We won’t spoil what’s written on the other side of the board, though.)

Scroll up to watch Colbert’s full segment on the Mueller report, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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