Cold front moves closer to Houston this afternoon

The first front will bring a line of rain, and a few lightning strikes are possible. Here's what when we expect its arrival.

Video Transcript

KEVIN ROTH: Good Sunday morning, everyone. I'm meteorologist Kevin Roth. It's time for your 1-minute weather update. Today is a big day, the cold front we've been waiting for. That moves in today. So high temperatures will not be as warm, even though it's starting muggy.

As this front moves through, temperatures will fall back behind that. I've got the high in Houston at about 75 degrees. That will happen in the very early afternoon, and then temperatures will be falling behind that.

Here's what it looks like. Scattered showers out ahead of this front. The main line likely arriving in the early- to mid-afternoon. Not expecting severe weather with this. It's just a line of rain, maybe an embedded thunderstorm or two. But for the most part, this is just a rain event.

That front clears through still some lingering showers back behind that through the late afternoon and early evening. And then that front stalls out and lifts back up through the area on Monday as a warm front, bringing another chance for rain and storms. We're going to see that again on Tuesday. Plenty of heat, a chance for some showers.

We need a stronger cold front, and that will arrive on Wednesday morning. This front does have the potential to bring some rain and storms again. But as this one clears through, it doesn't just stall out like that last front did. This one actually does bring in that cooler, drier air back behind it.

So here's a look at that full forecast. 80% chance of rain today as that front moves through. Monday and Tuesday, we're warm with the chance for some showers. Then Wednesday, our next front comes in, brings in the rain chance, but also clears out the cloud cover, brings in some cooler air. It's going to be beautiful weather here for the latter half of the workweek and into next weekend. I'm meteorologist Kevin Roth. And that's a look at your 1-minute weather update.