Cold snap, Russian attacks cause record spike in Ukrainian electricity consumption, EU fills the gap

Energy system
Energy system

Ukraine's energy system recorded an exceptionally high level of electricity consumption for this heating season in the early hours of Dec. 7., reported Ukraine’s state power company Ukrenergo.

The daily consumption peak in the past 24 hours was 4% higher than on Dec. 6.

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To prevent outages and maintain the energy system's balance, Ukrenergo sought emergency assistance from electricity transmission operators in Romania and Poland from 11:00 to 19:00, with a capacity of 400 MW.

Consumption limits were not imposed, and no disconnections were introduced or planned.

Ukrenergo urges Ukrainians to use electricity sparingly to avoid shortages and support the energy system’s balance between production and consumption.

Systemic Russian shelling damaged one power plant in eastern Ukraine and resulted in new damage to regional networks in Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Kherson oblasts. Emergency restoration works are being carried out based on security considerations and military permission.

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Some thermal power plant units are under repair, and solar power plants are unable to operate at their maximum capacity due to dense cloudiness, said Ukrenergo.

There is no electricity export currently, and imports from Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova are conducted in the morning and evening hours, totaling 2,193 MW, with a maximum capacity of up to 589 MW in certain hours.

Since Dec. 1, the technical capability of importing electricity from Europe to Ukraine and Moldova is 1,700 MW.

A power line in southern Ukraine was damaged during a drone attack, but Ukrenegro repair crews have already restored the line as of morning on Dec.8.

At total of 13 settlements in Dnipropetrovsk region were left without power due to adverse weather conditions, and 479 settlements remain without electricity because of Russian drone and missile attacks and other reasons.

Consumers in Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhia regions are experiencing power outages due to technical reasons.

Energy operators implemented “emergency measures”, that is emergency import of electricity from Romania, Poland, and Slovakia, from 11:00 to 19:00, Ukrenergo stated on Dec. 7.

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Russian occupiers will be unable to attack Ukraine's power system on a larger scale than last year due to a lack of resources, said Andriy Yusov, a Ukrainian intelligence representative. The threat of such attacks persists however, and the peak pressure on the Ukrainian energy system is “yet to come.”

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