Cole Sprouse's Naked Butt Is All It's Cracked Up To Be In Goofy Instagram

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Riverdale” star Cole Sprouse on Tuesday cracked wise in sharing a mirror selfie of his butt.

“Good morning to my publicity team,” the actor joked in his Instagram caption.

The cheeky star’s derriere appeared to be digitally altered. But whatever the case, the actor who plays Jughead on the CW series got plenty of love from co-stars, not to mention millions of views worldwide.

His former “Riverdale” dad, Skeet Ulrich, posted several laughing emojis, and Mark Consuelos, who played the town villain Hiram Lodge, wrote simply, “Yo.”

“Hate to see you go, love to watch you leave 😪,” “Scream”star Mason Gooding wrote.

The wiseass post should come as no surprise, given Sprouse’s distaste for people who dispense too much information online.

“People who share all of their personal life on social media. Those people genuinely scare me,” Sprouse told Interview Magazine recently.

“I’m firmly convinced that any form of social media is a performance. People who are willing to perform every aspect of their life there are truly a terrifying breed.”

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