Collaborator’s car explodes in Berdyansk – mayor

A blown-up car in Berdyansk
A blown-up car in Berdyansk

The apparent car bombing is the latest of a string of such incidents in Berdyansk and other parts of Ukraine under Russian occupation.

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“A warm greeting in the form of an exploding car was received by local ‘Russian world’ enthusiast Valentyna Mamai,” Mayor Fedorov said, in a post dripping with mocking sarcasm.

“She had joyfully met the occupiers, organized a pseudo-referendum and handed over the patriots of Berdyansk to the enemy. She’s at the hospital now, shaking in fear of her life.”

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Mamai is reportedly the organizer of a pseudo-referendum held by the Russians on “joining” Ukraine’s partially Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhya Oblast to the Russian Federation.

The invaders also confirmed Mamai’s car had exploded, with Kremlin-controlled news outlet RIA-Novosti reporting that the car “belongs to a local businesswoman” and “previously, she was in the car.”

The occupation authorities called the explosion a terrorist attack, and blamed it on the Ukrainian special services.

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This is not the first time that collaborators’ cars have exploded in Berdyansk.

Russian media reported on Jan. 13 that the car of collaborator Oleksiy Kichigin, whom the occupiers had appointed “head of the administration” of the region, was blown up in the city.

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