College Football Game Sees Delay Due To Strange Off-The-Field Emergency

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An on-field loss by Virginia Tech’s football team wasn’t the only setback for players and staff members Friday.

The Hokies were halfway through a 20-17 loss to the Old Dominion Monarchs when their coaches got stuck in an elevator, according to Yahoo! Sports.

The issue reportedly stalled the game for over 15 minutes while fans awaited their return to the coaching box above S.B. Ballard Stadium, located at Norfolk’s Old Dominion University.

Broadcaster ESPNU’s cameras zoomed in on the empty coaching box as sportscasters said they’d never heard of such an incident during a game.

The coaches were eventually freed from the elevator, but not before ESPNU pivoted to a story about Hudson, the Monarchs’ team dog, during the delay.

A number of college football fans and accounts on Twitter poked fun at the delay.

Read some of the reactions below:

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