College Podcast: Nebraska's severance highway robbery, what will Arizona say about 'The Scheme' and can we have football by Labor Day?

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One thing that's becoming clear through the Coronavirus pandemic is that, in these early months, it's been an absolutely futile enterprise to predict when life will get back to normal. 

Dan Wetzel, Pete Thamel & SI's Pat Forde open this week's podcast discussing that uncertainty as it pertains to the start of college football season. What are universities saying about the start of the season and what would need to happen for college football to begin as normally planned in late August/early September? (6:30)

As reported by the Omaha World-Herald, the University of Nebraska paid out a whopping $27.9 million in severance pay to fired coaches in the last fifteen years– more than any other school. Why do athletic directors continue to be held up by coaches and their agents?(18:50)

Later in the show, the guys discuss HBO's "The Scheme," the documentary about the 2017 NCAA bribery scandal. What developments can we expect out of the documentary and will these investigations slow down due to Coronavirus? (33:15)

The guys close out the show discussing Dan's internal debate about adopting a dog in order to get a three-month supply of beer and the best practices for dishwasher stacking. (44:40)

Arizona men's basketball coach Sean Miller is among the subjects of HBO's, "The Scheme," a documentary about the 2017 NCAA bribery scandal. (Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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