College student from Joliet injured in Quincy bar beating

Attorneys for Jazzpher Evans say the owner of a bar called "The Barn" in downtown Quincy violently attacked the young woman, beating her until she was unconscious.

Video Transcript

LIZ NAGY: Her face is badly cut and marked with bloodied abrasions, and Jazzpher Evan's eyes are bruised and swollen. Attorneys for the 19-year-old college basketball player from Joliet say this is how Evans was left after they say she was beaten and left unconscious.

Quincy police are investigating it as a fight at a downstate bar early Easter morning. Attorneys for Jazzpher Evans say the owner of a bar called The Barn in downtown Quincy, Illinois violently attacked the young woman. Evans' attorneys believe the incident was racially provoked.

Quincy police so far are calling this a complicated investigation. A Joliet West High School graduate, Evans is a freshman at Quincy University where her family says she was recruited to play basketball on a full scholarship. In a statement released by Evans' attorneys, they say, "The owner approached Jazz and a young fellow Quincy University white female student, who were both standing near the DJ booth requesting a change to the music, and violently pushed Jazz against the wall."

Attorneys say Evans was thrown to the ground. And the owner, they say, "then placed Jazz in a full choke hold and strangled her until she lost consciousness." As Quincy police investigate, they're asking for people to wait for more facts.

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LIZ NAGY: While police continue to look for video and speak with witnesses, Jazzpher Evans and her family in Joliet, along with their attorneys, will speak with the media tomorrow morning.