College Track Coach Accused Of Tricking Athletes Into Sending Him Nude Photos

A college track and field coach from Chicago was arrested Wednesday, accused of tricking female student-athletes into sending him nude photos.

Video Transcript

- New at 5:00, troubling allegations against a college track and field coach with Chicago ties, now charged with trying to trick female athletes into sending him nude photos. CBS News Jim Williams reports the feds say Steve Waithe used phony social media accounts as part of the scheme.

JIM WILLIAMS: Steve Waithe lives in Chicago and was arrested in the city at 6:45 this morning. Waithe was an assistant track coach in 2017 at IIT and also coached at Concordia University of Chicago in River Forest, where he was once greeted with this welcome post.

But it was here at Northeastern University in Boston prosecutors say the track coach, in their words, abused his position. According to authorities, Waithe asked female athletes at Northeastern for their cell phones to record their workouts so they could study their forms at practice and track meets.

Then using aliases, told the women he found compromising photos of them on the internet and he could get them removed. But to do it, prosecutors say Waithe, using pseudonyms, told the athletes he needed them to send him more nude photos.

In another alleged scheme, prosecutors say they found photos of 10 victims and 300 nude or semi-nude images in Waithe's email account. Spokesmen for both IIT and Concordia here say they are unaware of any complaints against Waithe at those schools, Concordia adding that it is reaching out to students he coached there. We're live, Jim Williams, CBS2 News.