Collin County Family In Rebuild Mode After Lightning Strikes Home

A family in the Collin County city of Lucas is in the process of gutting their home after it was hit by lightning during weekend storms.

Video Transcript

- A family in Collin County is in the process of gutting their home now after it was hit by lightning, by the storms over the weekend. They share their story today with our Nicole Nielsen, and all of you, in a CBS 11 exclusive.

JANA POOL: Me and my family we were fixing to watch a movie.

NICOLE NIELSEN: What started as any other rainy Sunday afternoon for the Pool family.

JANA POOL: And it was like boom.

NICOLE NIELSEN: Dangerous quick.

JANA POOL: I knew immediately that it hit.

NICOLE NIELSEN: A streak of lightning, that can be seen from their neighbors' ring video, hit the very top of their Lucas home.

JANA POOL: We saw the lightning actually move through the house, and I said, I'm calling the fire department, and thank God we called when we did.

NICOLE NIELSEN: That lightning strike traveled all the way from the front of the house to the attic above this back bedroom where it caught fire. And firefighters were spraying 500 gallons of water per minute.

JANA POOL: All of our stuff is gone.

NICOLE NIELSEN: On top of fire damage, their home is now soaked with water damage. Nearly the entire house, only three years old, has to be gutted.

JANA POOL: You know it's just, you can't believe it, and sometimes you ask, like I'm like, why us, why God us?

NICOLE NIELSEN: They did manage to get out their valuables.

JANA POOL: I was thinking more about the pictures and some of those things that we can't replace.

NICOLE NIELSEN: Including the most valuable thing of all, themselves.

JANA POOL: It can all be rebuilt, but the lives could never come back if something were to happen to my husband or my children.

NICOLE NIELSEN: The family is now looking ahead.

JANA POOL: I think the lesson for me is lightning rods.

NICOLE NIELSEN: And at what others can learn from them.

JANA POOL: Just be aware of storms and the damage that they can really do. I would have never in my right mind thought that this would have happened.

NICOLE NIELSEN: In Lucas Nicole Nielsen, CBS 11 News.