Colombia foils plot to kill former FARC leader

Colombian police say they have thwarted an assassination attempt against a former leader of the FARC rebel group.

Police on Sunday (January 12) announced they had killed two suspects near a location where Rodrigo Londono - also known as Timochenko - had been staying.

Timochenko was the top commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia when it signed a peace deal with the Colombian government in 2016.

Police say they intercepted the suspects thanks to a tip.

They blame two former FARC commanders - now living across the border - for masterminding the plot.


"The suspects had received direct military instructions from Ivan Marquez and El Paisa in Venezuela to execute a terrorist attack, the attack that was neutralised yesterday."

Last August, the two former commanders announced they would return to armed struggle because the peace deal had broken down.

The 2016 agreement ended a war that stretched over five decades and killed more than a quarter million people.

It also gave FARC a foothold in politics.

Today, the group calls itself the Revolutionary Alternative Common Force.

It holds ten seats in Congress and is led by Timochenko.