Colombia opens first cannabis clinic

Colombia’s first cannabis clinic

has opened in Bogota

Clinic Zerenia sells oils

//containing cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)//

or a mix of the two

The clinic passed 28 regulatory hurdles

including health authorities permissions

and implementing a system

to trace the products' origins

(SOUNDBITE) Mental Health Manager For Khiron, The Company Behind The Clinic, Juan Manuel Orjuela, SAYING:

"It's not easy because it's innovative, it has to do with breaking cultural stigmas, it has to do with the training of the doctors themselves, the distortions that the doctor has many times or the community regarding the medical use of cannabis. That is required, a legal approval but also a cultural validation."

The clinic treats neurological illnesses

including epilepsy in children and adults

Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain

and conditions like anxiety and depression

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) Zerenia Clinic Patient, Nelly Rodriguez, SAYING:

"The situation was awful. I felt the doctors couldn't pinpoint what I had and I thought it would never end, but at some point I decided I had to do something about it and I said, 'I can't stay like this for the rest of my life.' In addition, I have arthritis, so it was much more difficult to find a solution but I'm finding it here.''

Courtesy: Nelly Rodriguez

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