Colombia Shoots Birth Control Darts at Pablo Escobar's Hippos

In the 1980s, notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar imported several hippos to his private zoo. At first, Escobar had one male and three female hippos. Escobar died in 1993, and the hippos were abandoned in the years since. Well, over almost 3 decades, the ‘cocaine hippo’ population has grown to approx 80, and biologists are worried about the hippos’ impact on the local environment and community. The Colombian government has tried to neuter the creatures, but traditional surgical sterilization is extremely risky. According to local authorities, only 11 hippos have been sterilized by this method. Now, Colombian environmental officials are trying to shoot the hippos with darts laden with a birth control drug called GonaCon. ‘It is the first time that we are implementing this procedure,’ the regional environmental agency Cornare said in a statement, via CNN. ‘We are going to follow up and monitor it to find out how successful it can be.’ This video "Colombia Shoots Birth Control Darts at Pablo Escobar's Hippos", first appeared on

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