Colombian Nationals steal Louis Vuitton bags, gold, cash in Bettendorf, police say

UPDATE: Bettendorf Police Chief Keith Kimball told Our Quad Cities News that all three should be in Scott County Jail by the end of the day Monday or Tuesday.

Kimball said ICE (U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) was contacted, but to the best of his knowledge there was nowhere to hold the suspects. So at this time federal investigators are not involved and the case is being treated as local.

Kimball said the investigation is ongoing, with a lot of evidence to sift through.

EARLIER UPDATE: Our Quad Cities News has confirmed the names of the other two men arrested on Thursday in connection to the burglaries at Bettendorf homes.

Luis Angulo Garces, 32, and Luis Panameno Rodallega, 30, are in Polk County Jail, according to law enforcement.

The Altoona Police Department provided an “agency assist” and both were arrested at the same time Thursday as Jhon Hurtado-Advincula, who is in Scott County Jail.

EARLIER UPDATE: A 22-year-old suspect is in Scott County Jail after Bettendorf Police allege he and two other people burglarized Bettendorf homes, according to court records.

Jhon Hurtado-Advincula faces felony charges of second-degree burglary, two charges of first-degree theft, a charge of third-degree burglary, two charges of conspiracy to commit a non-forcible felony, and two serious misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree criminal mischief, court records show.

Top left: Jhon Hurtado Advincula (Scott County Jail)<br>Top right: Luis Angulo Garces (Polk County Jail)<br>Bottom: Luis Panameno Rodallega (Polk County Jail)
Top left: Jhon Hurtado Advincula (Scott County Jail)
Top right: Luis Angulo Garces (Polk County Jail)
Bottom: Luis Panameno Rodallega (Polk County Jail)

Two residential burglaries in Bettendorf

At 6 p.m. Jan. 24, on Star View Drive in Bettendorf, Hurtado and two co-defendants “conspired to commit and did commit an unoccupied residential burglary,” Bettendorf Police say in affidavits.

The three were traveling in a black 2019 Ford Escape with Georgia license plates, affidavits show. The three “forced entry by smashing out the glass of a basement sliding door. The master bedroom was ransacked and a safe was missing,” according to affidavits. Police say the defendants were searching for high value items and took:

  • $100,000 cash

  • 1 kilo of gold (value: $65,000)

  • 50 gold necklaces of unknown value

  • A black 9 mm pistol

  • Personal documents including passports, birth certificates, citizenship papers, etc.

The cost to replace the rear sliding glass door was estimated at $500.

At 8 p.m. Jan. 31 on Waveland Drive in Bettendorf, the three “conspired to commit and did commit an unoccupied residential burglary,” again traveling in the same SUV, police say in affidavits.

Two of the defendants got out of the car, walked to the rear of the victim’s residence, and gained entry after breaking the rear sliding glass door. Once inside the residence they ransacked the master bedroom, police say in affidavits, and the suspects took:

  • Jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and rings valued at over $100,000

  • Three Louis Vuitton handbags, valued at $7,000

  • Between $200 and $1,000 cash

  • Checkbooks from the victim’s accounts.

The cost to replace the rear sliding glass door was estimated at $500.

On Thursday, the three defendants were located and apprehended by police in Altoona, Iowa, based on the SUV information sent out statewide, affidavits show.

Affidavits say search warrants were executed on the suspects’ persons, hotel room, and SUV. Located on their persons and in the suspect SUV were the items reported stolen from the Waveland Drive address as well as the suspects’ clothing, shoes, face masks, gloves, and flashlights they were seen wearing or using in the victim’s home security video during the burglary.

Also located in the suspect vehicle was a piece of paper with numerous Quad City area addresses and Chinese restaurant names written on it, including a victim’s residential and business addresses, affidavits show.

“Suspect footwear impressions collected at the scene of both burglaries were found to be consistent with the shoes seized from the suspects via the search warrants,” affidavits say. Traffic and surveillance cameras show the SUV going to and leaving both burglaries.

“All three of the defendants are Colombian Nationals in the United States unlawfully,” arrest affidavits allege.

Hurtado was being held without bond Sunday in Scott County Jail, court records show.

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