Coloradans Promote Both Sides Of The Meat Debate

When he heard Gov. Jared Polis proclaimed March 20 "Meat Out" day, a day for Coloradans to try going meat free, he saw an opportunity.

Video Transcript

- Governor Jared Polis declared today Meat Out Day. While vegans and vegetarians rejoiced, ranchers responded with Meat In Day. Our Michael Abeyta has more on the dueling events.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Colorado governor proclaim March 20 to be Meat Out Day. Vegans and vegetarians rejoiced. But not everybody was so excited.

- We love.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: [INAUDIBLE] is a vegan. So when he heard Governor Jared Polis proclaimed March 20th Meat Out Day a day for Coloradans to try going meat free, he saw it as an opportunity.

- He has decided, hey, we want to take this opportunity, and share vegan food with everybody.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: He and his buddies set up outside a popular Boulder restaurant, and encouraged people to trade their meat-free menu items instead of what they usually order.

- The science has shown that it's actually not that good for you.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Not to mention, he says, how animals are treated, and how it affects the environment.

- The problem adds to the methane gas issue that affects the climate.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Meanwhile, down in Denver.

- We got the sauce. Extra sauce is always dripping on you.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Ranchers decided to show everyone what they're all about. They handed out meat dishes from a long line of food trucks, free for anyone who wanted some.

Andrew Timmerman is an agricultural professional. And he says meat is Colorado's largest export. He says it's an industry Coloradans depend on. So he wants the state to promote meat consumption, not discourage it.

- We were very disappointed in the governor's decision.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: He says times have changed. Colorado ag is high tech, and going more and more green every day. Plus, he says, they treat their animals very well.

- This is our product. And we treat it with respect and dignity.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: And while they might not see eye to eye on this issue, one thing both [INAUDIBLE] and Andrew can agree on, Coloradans should be able to choose what they want to eat.

- Give it a shot, because it's changed quite a bit.

- I believe in, everybody has choices and opinions on what they want to put in their bodies.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: The governor has since released a statement, saying that he supports all Colorado agriculture. In fact, he's set to celebrate Ag Day in just four days. In Boulder. Michael Abeyta, Covering Colorado First.