Coloradans Protest For Change At Loveland Police Department

Dozens of outraged Northern Coloradans took to the streets of Loveland on Saturday to protest the forceful arrest of 73-year-old Karen Garner.

Video Transcript

KATHY WALSH: Good evening, I'm Kathy Walsh, and thank you for joining us. Copter four shows protesters marching on the Loveland police department today, demanding justice for Karen Garner, a woman in her 70s with dementia. Video shows officers violently arresting her, injuring her, and then laughing about it. Dillon Thomas reports citizens are calling for change.

DILLON THOMAS: 73-year-old Karen Garner lives with dementia. Her arm was broken during an altercation with Loveland police, where the officers laughed about the injury afterward. During that arrest, she was carrying wildflowers. So on Saturday protesters carried flowers to the police department to send one message.

-- No justice!

DILLON THOMAS: Marching to Loveland police headquarters--

-- No peace!

DILLON THOMAS: --dozens voiced their fury with the handling of Karen Garner's arrest.

MORGAN GOLDSCHMIDT: Kind of really spoke to me--

DILLON THOMAS: Morgan Goldschmidt was disgusted when she learned Karen Garner sat in a cell for hours while officers Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali rewatched the video of the arrest, laughing, not giving her medical attention.

MORGAN GOLDSCHMIDT: This arrest video, as well as the booking video, show that it's not always just a, you know, life or death decision that an officer is making in the heat of the moment. That was a culture that they had in there, where they felt comfortable to mock and laugh at the pain of a 73-year-old lady. Why did not a single officer step up to say something when this happened? You know, I don't think there's really anything that can satisfy us after seeing those videos. I believe letting these officers resign wasn't harsh enough.

DILLON THOMAS: Saturday those who agreed joined her on a march to Loveland PD.

-- As a community, we get to set the standards of which is acceptable with our police department.

DILLON THOMAS: For a few moments, arguments broke out with counter protesters. Loveland mayor, Jacki Marsh, stood between.

JACKI MARSH: People are hurting. People are upset. They want answers.

DILLON THOMAS: Signs left a clear message for the department. Garner was carrying flowers at the time of her arrest. The flowers left at the PD were a message to her.

-- You are loved, and you matter, and you're worthy. I think that she needs to know that.

DILLON THOMAS: The charges against Garner were dropped. Now the officers at Loveland Police could face charges of their own. Fort Collins police are conducting a criminal investigation into their actions. In Loveland, Dillon Thomas, covering Colorado First.