Coloradans reflect on one year of the COVID-19 pandemic

John Frank
·1 min read

March 5 — the day last year when officials confirmed the first coronavirus cases in the state — marks the first of many where-were-you moments this month in Colorado.

Our thought bubble: The pandemic year moved at a glacial pace as days seemed like weeks, but yet we consider it a lost year.

  • We asked readers: What were you thinking this time last year?

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The most common initial response: This is no big deal.

  • "I was thinking that the situation is a little disturbing, but it's probably no biggie and will be over in just a matter of weeks," Samuel Li told us.

  • "This time last year I was thinking that the virus would last three months. Boy, was I wrong," Ken Crost adds.

We heard from some who were early COVID-19 patients and others who lost jobs. Amid all of it, our minds turned to family.

  • "I'm so glad I got to visit my elderly parents though before everything closed down," Paul Galloway writes.

  • "Was my husband going to be allowed to be present at the birth of our first child? Scary times," says Jessica Lillquist.

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