Which Coloradans Are Staying Home: Updates By County

Amber Fisher

Coloradans are now under the statewide safer-at-home order, which requires everyone to stay at home as much as possible amid the spread of the new coronavirus.

The data company SafeGraph has posted its latest report, which shows the percent of people staying home in each county. Researchers used anonymous smartphone data to track who didn't leave their homes at all.

Over the past month, Colorado has been consistently among the top 20 states for compliance in the U.S., the data show.

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The report has been created to help non-profits, governments and academics track the spread of COVID-19.

According to April statistics, Broomfield, Gilpin, and Douglas counties were consistently the top three for compliance. Out of all metro Denver counties, Adams County residents left their homes the most throughout April. While Denver wasn't among the top five counties in April, Denverites have been staying home more frequently than residents in other counties in May.

Compliance has dropped in May in Arapahoe, Adams, Douglas and Jefferson counties, according to the report.

Percent of residents who stayed home last week:

Gilpin 41.7 percent
Broomfield 40.8 percent
Arapahoe 40.1 percent
Denver 40 percent
Boulder 39.8 percent
Custer 39.1 percent
San Juan 39 percent
Jefferson 38.5 percent
Larimer 37.9 percent
Huerfano 37.9 percent
Douglas 37.6 percent
Park 37.3 percent
Adams 37.1 percent
El Paso 36.9 percent
Mineral 36.8 percent

Around 45 million smartphones were tracked in the report.

Read the full SafeGraph report here.

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