Colorado Is Bracing For Another Challenging Wildfire Season

After a record wildfire season in 2020 Colorado is preparing for another year of wildfires.

Video Transcript

- Well, Colorado is bracing for a challenging wildfire season, after the record year that we just had a handful of months ago, which included three of the largest wildfires in our state's history. The state expects above average temperatures and below average precipitation, which doesn't mix well, until August. That has brought a plea from state officials about humans being careful.

STAN HILKEY: The people that live, and work, and play in this great state need to be prepared and proactive as well. The public plays a valuable role in preventing wildland fires. On average, across the country, human caused wildfires make up 87% of wildfire occurrences every year. Most of these fires can be prevented.

- Fire managers say, we now have fire years, not just fire seasons. This year's plan includes more communication between the agencies that work together to fight wildfires on the ground and in the air. That includes buying a new FIREHAWK helicopter.