Colorado city to reform police after arrest death

The results of an investigation into the fatal arrest of Elijah McClain in suburban Denver released Monday criticizes how police handled the entire incident. City officials promise reforms. (Feb. 23)

Video Transcript

JIM TWOMBLY: What we have is a report that's very disturbing to me as it recounts critically in step by step fashion the events that unfolded between Mr. Elijah McClain the Aurora Police Department, and Aurora Fire and Rescue on August 24, 2019. I believe the investigative team has identified the issue that is at the root of the case-- the failure of a system of accountability. I will be pursuing with mayor and council the establishment of an independent monitor to help us enhance the accountability and transparency of the police department and gain the trust of the public.

CHIEF VANESSA WILLIAMS: I want to assure the McClain family and the community that we will continue to make changes to address the issues that were not only highlighted in this report but also are going to be highlighted in the other investigations that are ongoing to include a criminal investigation by the AG.