Colorado Communities Show Support For Officer Eric Talley

More than 100 vehicles participated in a Sunday morning convoy to honor Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley.

Video Transcript

KATHY WALSH: Hello, I'm Kathy Walsh. Thank you for joining us. People across the front range have been honoring the 10 victims from the Boulder grocery store shooting, and this 4 by 4 group got together in Boulder to form a convoy of more than 100 vehicles to pay tribute to fallen officer Eric Talley. The vehicles, many with flags, were driven from the West Arvada dog park all the way to Boulder police headquarters, the drivers showing their respect for the 51-year-old officer.

And in Parker, the line was long at the coffee cabin. The owner is donating his daily salary and tips to Officer Talley's family. Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock tweeted these pictures in support of his brother in blue.