Colorado deputies indicted over fatal shooting of man who called 911 for help

Two Colorado deputies involved in the shooting death of a man who called 911 for roadside assistance have been indicted on multiple charges following a months-long investigation.

The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office, located near Denver, said in a statement on Wednesday that the decision by a grand jury to indict Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould over the death of Christian Glass follows months of “painstaking investigation.”

“The indictment is part of a painful but necessary process,” the office said. “From the beginning, [Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office] pledged full cooperation with the criminal investigation. This is an ongoing commitment, continuing with the next phase of the criminal justice process.”

The district attorney’s office said in a release that Buen was charged with second degree murder, official misconduct and reckless endangerment, and Gould was charged with criminally negligent homicide and reckless endangerment.

Glass was killed on June 11, and officials launched an investigation after. The sheriff’s office said in a release following Glass’s death that police shot him after he became “argumentative and uncooperative” and tried to stab an officer.

An attorney for Glass’s parents said that Glass was experiencing a “crisis” and called police for help, but the deputies broke his car window, tased him multiple times and shot him five times.

Colorado Public Radio reported that Buen shot Glass five times and Gould had turned his body camera off while Glass was killed.

The sheriff’s office said the sheriff fired Buen and Gould after the indictment and preliminary findings from an investigation show that policy and procedural failures occurred.

“The Sheriff reaffirms his commitment to make any necessary changes to try and prevent a terrible situation like this from happening in the future, increase public trust in the CCSO, and continue to look for every opportunity to improve,” the office said.

The district attorney’s office said bail for Buen has been set at $50,000 and bail for Gould has been set at $2,500. Their next court dates are expected to be next month.

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